A storm is brewing

Source: http://steppenwolff.deviantart.com/art/Stormy-Mind-154484618
Source: http://steppenwolff.deviantart.com/art/Stormy-Mind-154484618

A storm is brewing;
Run, escape, you all should.
Who knows the consequences;
The storm is beyond all control.
A vortex of thoughts, feelings and musings,
It is gaining force and strength.
Stuck in a jail of its own making,
The storm is craving freedom,
And freedom it shall have; walls could be broken;
But peaceful—no, it shan’t be.
Churning, churlish, it ebbs and flows;
Its intricate web of pain and pleasure.
Peace may well turn violent,
And violence and madness could bring harmony.
The waves are lashing; in it lies beauty.
O spectator, beware of this art;
You could easily be at the bottom after the crash.
These words can hit you hard;
Restless thoughts it can cause.
They say after the storm comes a new beginning,
This one may be never-ending.
So run; run amok, please;
And let me curb this storm;
This storm that is my chaotic mind.


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