Free prison


A tiny pinprick of light pierces my darkness,
Utterly magical; I am entranced.
Hear, my ears, the sound of lock and key,
Unwanted, dangerous, addictive freedom beckons me.

Finally the blood will stop flowing,
From my nails that scratch the walls,
Alone in the depths of my prison,
I find freedoms at my beck and call.

Hear me jailer, don’t let me go,
For I found magic in the darkness,
Together with love and sheer happiness,
Unlike any cage of freedom;
Just let my blood free,
Just let it flow.

No, don’t open the door, don’t let in the light;
And yet you enter, O jailer, into the prison of my red;
To take my rotting bones,
And clean away my blood.

Here I am watching you, from the corners of my den.
Free atlast, from the clutches of my dust and skin;
Free from the pain of yore;
Wrapped in the stillness of time, free to bleed again.


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