The Unknown Pen


The Unknown Pen is a youth-based art platform that publishes poems, articles, pictures and other forms of art from artists all over the world. Here is a message from the founder Syed Amaan Ahmed:

We publish interviews of artists, photographers, writers, poets, change-makers in our The Uncut Diamonds Section. We pick up people whose work is incredible, as per the standards of The Unknown Pen (TUP). We focus on the less-known artists who deserve the place. However, we also focus on genuine people who already are well-known/famous and also the people who are known in some parts but not in other parts of the world: this also includes various social organizations, NGO’s, groups, and so on. We pick up the best. We publish excellent work only to maintain high quality, but we do not give a damn about spelling mistakes, grammar, rules, etc. An artist is free! Sometimes we even publish unedited and raw work with mistakes. For us, high quality means originality and unique imagery. Previously published on TUP in The Uncut Diamonds:

1) Akash Kankaria (India): Poet/Writer (Age: 20s)
2) Minhaj Jahan (India): Poet (Age: 20s)
3) Zsa-Zsa van Zyl (South Africa): Artist/Painter (Age: 20s)
4) Caroline Cecile (USA): Poet (Age: 50s)
5) Don V Standeford (USA): Writer/Poet (Age: 50s)
6) Moupriya Das (India): Change-maker/Social Activist/Feminist and founder of SlutWalk Kolkata. (Age: 20s)
7) Jazba Theater Group (India): Theater/Street Plays/Art/Drama/Change

We have selected some of the following people for our next interviews, which we will publish soon on our The Uncut Diamond Section

1) Sandhya Kannan (India): Writer/poet (Age: 20s)
2) Sara Gilchrist (USA): Writer/Poet/Artist (Age: 20s)
3) Raven Drake (USA): Writer/Poet (Age: 40s)
4) Sue Das (India): Poet (Age: 20s)
5) Brandon Diehl (UK): Poet (Age: 20s)
6) Laurie Smakal (France): Photographer (Age: 18)
7) Pranaadhika Montenegro Sinha Devburman (India): Social Activist/Rebel and founder of Elaan (Age: 20s)
8) Anjali Pathak (India): Singer (Age: 20s)
9) Alina Tarabarinova (Russia): Photographer (Age: 20s)
10) Michele Montedoro (Italy): Photographer (Age: 40s)

Note that we embrace all nations, all nationals, anyone, whoever, from whatever background as long as they meet our standards. If you think and feel that your work is different, then do send us. And even if you think it is not different, then also send us and we will check and get back to you! Also, you can send an email requesting an interview and if we think you fall under The Uncut Diamond category, you will be interviewed. Email: or FB Message me. Please, please and please in subject line write: Submission/Poetry (or story or anything) and for Interviews, write “Interview”.

Let’s Revive the Spirit of Art!

PS: Spread the word, if you want to.


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