Lost and found

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As the snowy mountains spectate on,
The wind chips at the bricks;
Erodes the walls built around me.
The cold turns the scabs of wounds into ice;
Then the blinding sun melts it all,
And off it goes to join the waters young.
The sea washes my feet, and takes away my fears,
And I finally let go;
Let go of my inhibitions, and my tears.
I jump onto a cloud, feel the wind in my hair;
Exposed to the elements, one with peace and nature.
As I travel, I find pieces of me
In places of wonder and marvel.
Lost as I was, I am finally found again.


Sky so high


Lying on a cloud,
I was drifting afar,
Counting the blues,
Of the sky.
Suddenly I descended,
Into greys, black and white;
Water sprayed, lighting hit;
Scared, I wondered what came of my sky,
And the sky’s blues.
Still lying on the cloud,
I never ceased to drift.
Suddenly, there I saw,
Blue peeking amongst the blacks and whites,
Around the big burning sun,
Shining with various hues and blues.
On and on I went,
Until the end of the world.
There I discovered the earth’s round and the world vast
But I plunged off the End, the cliff,
Into darkness deep and died.

Do We Feel Less As We Grow Older?

I have been wondering the same the past few days!

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Gianni CumboGianni Cumbo

It is a sad thing to say, but I really think that as we age, we feel less. Or maybe we still feel the same, but fail to connect with other people’s emotions.

I remember adolescence: the heartbreaks, the parties, the friendships, the fights, the countless first times. How I use to cry myself to sleep, how I use to love so hard that it hurt. How I felt like my friends and I were one, dancing and sweating on pop music in our parents living rooms. The first cigarettes and how they made me feel light headed. The first shots of vodka, burning my throat, making me burn. The first kiss, the first soft then passionate clash of the lips. The first time I felt love, the first time my heart ached. The first time I revealed my naked self, letting someone be that close to me…

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When you love, but don’t need

Source: http://hdwallpaper2013.com/love/broken-heart-love-pictures-hd-wallpaper.html
Source: http://hdwallpaper2013.com/love/broken-heart-love-pictures-hd-wallpaper.html

I love you,
but I don’t need you
I care for you,
but I’d like to be distant with you.

My love is all encompassing.
When you smile, my heart bursts with glee.
My face glows when you’re laughing;
But ’tis now time to flee.

Yes, you made and unmade me;
Yes, you shaped and unshaped me.
You stood by when I was on shaky ground;
I stood by when you flew around.

You were my rock, my star;
But now I need to mould with the river and travel far.
Stand my own ground, now I shall;
Together we will only fall.

You’re the only one to get under my skin;
Hurt and love, both haven’t lost their sheen.
Time has not lessened the pain;
But with distance, now, we have a lot to gain.

Together, we were once powerful;
Together now, we are only woeful.
‘Tis sad, at a crossroad we stand,
But we have chosen parallel roads to different lands.

Come here my love, for one last hug;
Be assured, you leave behind a mighty life-size hole.
Go away now; my heartstrings, don’t tug;
Meet your destiny; walk till you burn your shoe-soles.

Here we must, our ways, part;
With a smile, lets depart.
No? Then let me hurt you one last time;
Off you go now, cursing me till my heart rimes.