Lost and found

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As the snowy mountains spectate on,
The wind chips at the bricks;
Erodes the walls built around me.
The cold turns the scabs of wounds into ice;
Then the blinding sun melts it all,
And off it goes to join the waters young.
The sea washes my feet, and takes away my fears,
And I finally let go;
Let go of my inhibitions, and my tears.
I jump onto a cloud, feel the wind in my hair;
Exposed to the elements, one with peace and nature.
As I travel, I find pieces of me
In places of wonder and marvel.
Lost as I was, I am finally found again.

Sky so high


Lying on a cloud,
I was drifting afar,
Counting the blues,
Of the sky.
Suddenly I descended,
Into greys, black and white;
Water sprayed, lighting hit;
Scared, I wondered what came of my sky,
And the sky’s blues.
Still lying on the cloud,
I never ceased to drift.
Suddenly, there I saw,
Blue peeking amongst the blacks and whites,
Around the big burning sun,
Shining with various hues and blues.
On and on I went,
Until the end of the world.
There I discovered the earth’s round and the world vast
But I plunged off the End, the cliff,
Into darkness deep and died.

When you love, but don’t need

Source: http://hdwallpaper2013.com/love/broken-heart-love-pictures-hd-wallpaper.html
Source: http://hdwallpaper2013.com/love/broken-heart-love-pictures-hd-wallpaper.html

I love you,
but I don’t need you
I care for you,
but I’d like to be distant with you.

My love is all encompassing.
When you smile, my heart bursts with glee.
My face glows when you’re laughing;
But ’tis now time to flee.

Yes, you made and unmade me;
Yes, you shaped and unshaped me.
You stood by when I was on shaky ground;
I stood by when you flew around.

You were my rock, my star;
But now I need to mould with the river and travel far.
Stand my own ground, now I shall;
Together we will only fall.

You’re the only one to get under my skin;
Hurt and love, both haven’t lost their sheen.
Time has not lessened the pain;
But with distance, now, we have a lot to gain.

Together, we were once powerful;
Together now, we are only woeful.
‘Tis sad, at a crossroad we stand,
But we have chosen parallel roads to different lands.

Come here my love, for one last hug;
Be assured, you leave behind a mighty life-size hole.
Go away now; my heartstrings, don’t tug;
Meet your destiny; walk till you burn your shoe-soles.

Here we must, our ways, part;
With a smile, lets depart.
No? Then let me hurt you one last time;
Off you go now, cursing me till my heart rimes.