Do We Feel Less As We Grow Older?

I have been wondering the same the past few days!

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Gianni CumboGianni Cumbo

It is a sad thing to say, but I really think that as we age, we feel less. Or maybe we still feel the same, but fail to connect with other people’s emotions.

I remember adolescence: the heartbreaks, the parties, the friendships, the fights, the countless first times. How I use to cry myself to sleep, how I use to love so hard that it hurt. How I felt like my friends and I were one, dancing and sweating on pop music in our parents living rooms. The first cigarettes and how they made me feel light headed. The first shots of vodka, burning my throat, making me burn. The first kiss, the first soft then passionate clash of the lips. The first time I felt love, the first time my heart ached. The first time I revealed my naked self, letting someone be that close to me…

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