Are you afraid?

“I have an overwhelming amount of love inside me, just waiting to be given.”
“Then what’s the problem?”
“I am afraid of Love.”



“I have an overwhelming amount of love inside me, just waiting to be given.”
“Then what’s the problem?”
“I am afraid of Love.”
“I am afraid I will exhaust all of it at the start. By then, I would’ve set such a high level of expectation of myself that any fall in my expression would lead to disappointments.”
“Why do you think so?”
“Because some day, my tank of Love may dry up. I would never forgive myself for letting my loved ones down or taking them for granted.”
“Has it happened before?”
“Yes. I have fallen out of love.”
“Why did that happen?”
“I simply moved on in life.”
“Did you stop feeling for that person?”
“Not really. I still love them. But in a different way.”
“There you go. Your supply of Love is unending. It never ends.”
“But I did fall out of love.”
“Who, apart from your parents, has been longest in your life?”
“My best friend.”
“Did you stop loving your friend? Take them for granted?”
“No, in fact I still feel an overwhelming amount once in a while.”
“Again, proves your fear wrong.”
“But I did let her go for a few years in the middle. I wasn’t a good friend. I let her down.”
“Who doesn’t like to waver from the paths? What matters is you’re back together, today.”
“But what if I fail to remain this passionate once I am bogged down with life later on? Today, I am young. I may not feel so when I am older.”
“Why do you think age will change you as a person?”
“I have changed regularly over the years. Why should that stop going forward? Along with the change, my likes and dislikes have changed. Things I love have varied. Why should that not happen again?”
“Is there nothing that has remained constant about you, your character? Not your likes and dislikes. That’s temperamental like the weather. Who you are, deep inside, never changes completely. Otherwise, you would retain your best friend after all these years, would you?”
“Hmmm. True. But what if the person I chose to fall in love doesn’t remain?”
“That, my dear friend, is the risk you have to take. It is not just about trusting your partner, but your own self and your choices.”
“What if I never know what I really want, caught in the vagaries of change?”
“You will. Trust your gut. Trust your intuition. If not, then trust the universe.”
“I hope so.”

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