Musings of the day

1) Life is always a work in progress. Always. Everything you’ve built to achieve needs work even after you’ve achieved it. Maintenance, that’s what we call it. And success and failure both need it. Even take a body builder for example; you first struggle to build the body of your dreams. Then you struggle to maintain it. Now replace body with anything and everything. Universal rule, aye!

2) What takes years to build only needs a short time to destroy. Especially relationships. After all, it took Rome 100 years to be built and only one to be destroyed. Destruction is simply a waste of all the patience needed for the turtle-like crawl that building needs. That’s why Death and Destruction aren’t a work-in-progress like Life.

3) When there are big changes in life, you inevitably take comfort in the small constants. The after-waking regime; the brand of eye liner you use; the favourite comfort food you’ve had for breakfast every day of your life; the 9.56am train you take. It’s the small things that remind you you are you. Especially in the face of change. Who says the anchor needs to be heavy.

4) It’s hard to remember a person’s face, person in entirety. You miss them in glances. That one glance when their eyes twinkled. The other glance when you caught them showering you in warmth. Another one when they looked to you with melting puppy eyes and your heart skipped a beat. That specific glance when they flashed their dimples. Your memory lane is scattered with such glances from all the people who once occupied your life. It is the small things that crack your walls, your guards, your reserve. And one crack is enough when the floods come.


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