I am..

I’m many things.

I’m my past — the many pasts in my history.
I’m my present — a derivative of my past.
I’m what people think I am — all of them.
I’m what people don’t know I am — all my secrets, my silent thoughts condensed in one being.
I’m what people think I could be — the critics and motivators alike.
I’m what I think I am.
I’m what I think people think I am.
I’m my many moods and extremes. I’m the sides to my multifaceted being. And I am also the entire diamond. Not just 24 carats.
I’m each layer peeled and those veiled.
I’m every moment, every thought, every experience.
Sometimes, I am also others’ thoughts, experiences, expectations.
Sometimes I’m Me. Sometimes ‘Not me’.
Sometimes I’m blazing fire. Sometimes water cool.

I’m love. I’m anger. I’m sorrow. I’m deep thought. I’m empath. I’m aloof. I’m hurt. I’m peace. I’m pride. I’m humility.

Yes, I’m many things. I am me.


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