Why this blog?

I have been writing a diary since I was a teenager. But they were angst-ridden entries (Not that I am a sad person who keeps cribbing), based on personal experiences.

I decided it’s about time I pen my brilliant (you are free to decide for yourself if they indeed are brilliant or simply mad) thoughts. This is the replication of the print version of a blog (yes, you read that right) on, guess what, a blog!

This blog, my dear sir/ma’am, is going to contain my musings, which sometimes feel ready to burst out of my mind. I assure you I will try my utmost to be rational. But, let me warn you, these are far-from-concluded thoughts, and I often play my own devil’s advocate. All be prepared to find a lot of additional commentary — often bang in the middle of the sentence.

So, please, bear with me.

P.S.: I know a blog is itself the electronic version of a diary, only it is for public eyes — very public eyes. So this — the print version of a blog — is redundant really, like going back in time. Nonetheless, the point is the content will differ from my usual diaries.

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