There was a part of her 
Hidden from the world
Even when bared, she hid it well
You may kiss her skin, and drink her juice 
But give up her soul, she did not 
For how could she,
If herself, she knew not
Nor how to give up her core. 
So many tried, driven mad by want. 
But empty-handed, they stared at defeat.
Until you. 
Now she gives her precious time
To dig into the corners
And scrap every inch, every little bit
Of herself, she could offer
Like a devotee to God
Like we hunt for coins of change
Every single piece of her, 
Broken, hidden or forgotten. 
Body, mind, soul and something more, 
She craves to give and give, 
While on her back on the soft materials
One earth-shattering moment at a time.


Bah, that’s just life!

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On a dark cloudy day,
We stepped towards the mountain peak,
With each step, the clouds neared,
Threatening us with a downpour.
But she was adamant,
Punny nature! bend to her, it will.
And so with cheeks, red and animated,
She inched towards her goal.
For what, I knew now,
I only accompanied for curiosity’s sake.
For she was beauty personified,
Not in terms of figure, face or skin,
But something in her air, something beyond words,
And her eyes! Boy, with untold secrets,
Did they shine and dance.
No, curiosity bade me, “Go with her”
“I need to know,” it said.
She smiled at me, as if she knew,
But on she went, in tormenting silence.
To the mountain we reached,
panting, sighing, ooh-and-aahing.
I then looked at her curiously,
to find answers to her mystery.
She laughed at the sky,
Joy and mirth filling her high.
Confused, “Why,” I asked.
“Why ever not,” she said.
“Rain, risk and dark,” I said.
“Bah, that’s but life,” she quipped,
And after the clouds, merrily ran,
While I looked on, stunned.

Dear Time


Dear Time, can you stop for a while?
So I can say goodbye,
to the moments that touched my heart;
Even the ones that made me cry;
End them with a full stop,
Instead of the three dots you’re known for.
Dear Time, can you slow down for a while?
I’d like to hug my friend,
Who’s no more in my life.
Or stare into those eyes,
that often filled my heart with warmth,
Before they turn all cold and dry.
Dear Time, can you pause and rewind?
I hate to leave my loved ones back.

What next?

So what after you achieve

Your goal,

After you’ve shed an ocean

Of sweat, of blood.

So what after you touch No. 1,

The summit, the peak?

Will you stand by to take in the view?

For how long?

So what once you are over your achievement,

Would you repent the time lost?

Or will you, addicted to success,

Search for the next goal,

The next mountain to climb?

What of the people,

You leave behind,

Or have left you ahead?

Will you miss them,

Up there, in your solitude?

Or cry, in their absence?

There’s always more to life,

You used to say,

Is it true? What are you,

Searching for?

Have you found yourself

Up there?

If yes, so what next?

What now?

Where do I belong?

I sow pieces of my soul,
At places around the world.
I grow world-wise,
But never am I whole.
Scattered across, nowhere do I belong,
Or perhaps I am too large,
Too global to belong anywhere.
Everyday I spread my tentacles further,
Away from the core,
Hidden in plain sight,
My roots are, but broken jewels,
Shimmering light around.
The beauty captures your senses, ensnares you.
But look closely,
It is, but a broken jewel;
It is, my scattered life.