How was your day?

How was your day

You complain

I never ask

You narrate the top headlines

The unruly maid

The unkempt help

The untimely call

The unnecessary gossip

The untidy laundry

The unhappy husband

The unseen sorrow

The unwell joys

The undoing of your mind

And if time permits

The tidings of the neighbors

Of siblings, cousins and nephews

Of promises broken and words unkept

Of those long lost

And the silent goodbyes

In my mind

I narrate the same

With words

Punctuated by silence

And then you complain

I never speak

Limiting your boundaries

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. I’ve had plenty of time to be idle in the last one week – courtesy the typhoid that’s infected my body.

In the course of this one week, I’ve walked down several nostalgic memory lanes; I’ve missed those I had loved, but had to let go; I’ve thought of all those I’ve left behind in the journey that is life. I wish I could extend one hand and hold on. I wish I never had to let go.

There was a time when I thought I could nourish all possible friendships in my life. I never believed in limits then.

That is one of the biggest lessons life has taught me – boundaries and limits are important. They not only help keep away problems, but also keep relationships in check.

Yet the natural impulse to break them over powers me from time to time. I wish.