Move on

“Move on.”

“I can’t.”




“Because it would be murder. All those memories we painstakingly collected, they will be long forgotten. No, I’d rather smile and cry whenever I remember you and our memories. Some day, the edges of these memories are going to get frayed and dog-eared like a beloved book read again and again. I’d rather our memories too die a natural death. I don’t want them to meet a preemptive end. You move on. You need to. I’m happy here.”


Romance: Is there hope left?



It’s often been repeated that Romance is dead in today’s dating world.

It’s sad, isn’t it?

Sigh, the young naive girl in me still gets starry eyed about the notion of romance. But it’s just that — a notion. At even a hint of romance, I shy away. My cynical mind takes over then.

Once I was asked what my idea of romance is. I had to rack my brains, really. All the answers, I found, were influenced by films or books; Media. None original.

Then it hit me, romance is just making a normal, everyday moment special. At least to me, it meant that. Still means that.

So then why is it so difficult, I wonder.

Labels. Today, every relationship comes with a label. And with every label, comes the knowledge of the ending. You know where the relationship is headed. Even those label-less ones. It usually leads in an abrupt ending.

So, today, the goal matters more than the path. The relationship’s future takes precedence over the present.

Wasn’t a relationship about living the moment and filling it with love? or mere joy?

That’s where, I reckon, romance suffers.

The other day, I observed two of my friends conversing. It was private. The goal was to simply know and understand each other. That they liked each other was immaterial. It was not of any importance. The actions were not meant to lead to a certain consequence. It was to merely make use of the time at hand.

It was simple, yet poignant. It may have seemed inconsequential, but it felt so worthwhile. It felt romantic, to me. Not because they liked each other. But because it didn’t matter where they did or not.

And that makes my heart flutter. Maybe, there is hope left for romance after all!